Ellie Mei Fashion Show at Rumi World Awards


Ellie Mei Fashion Show at Rumi World Awards

This was a really great event . It venue and the stage was beautiful  .   The fashion awards  show  had 6 categories and each designer was given 3 minutes to show the fashion .  We chose 1-2 dresses for each category and were lucky to have  9 beautiful  models . Them are all very pretty and perfect fits with this dresses  .With limited time we had to set up to 2 models walking together at the  T-stage at the same time  . And some of the models were  working for a few designers. They  are so talented and did such great job with the fast changes between shows . We’d like to share with you  some of our fashion show photos :


Ellie Mei team


 KHL-EM25 summer .resort wear . beach wear water wear grey dot cotton top ellie mei  fashion show model. run way ..jpg









Learn more at : https://elliemei.com/blogs/news/ellie-mei-fashion-show-at-rumi-world-awards


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